Six Clever Ways To Cut Reception Costs

The band should have your requirements clearly in mind. It is true that bands tend to have their own preferences when it comes to wedding music. Even so, they should find out what your style of wedding is and what the composition of your guest list is. This will enable them to come up with music that your guests will really enjoy.

In paperwork filed today with the Central District Superior Court of California in Los Angeles, Kim Kardashian, 31, asked for a “dissolution of marriage”, which amounts to a standard divorce. Not surprisingly (is any part of this surprising?), Kardashian cited “irreconcilable differences” in her petition to divorce hubby-of-two-months Kris Humphries. She wants jewelry and other assets kept separate, and asks the court not to allow for spousal support. As the couple had a prenup (of course), this likely won’t turn into a hotly contested divorce. No kids, no community property, no everlasting love: clean break.

#3 The decorations of your venue is another thing you can consider when you are planning a wedding on a budget. Again, you can save money by doing it yourself. You can try to search for the materials from your local stores. You may even be able to find the materials for the decorations from the department stores. This will help you to save even more money.

Judkins said that couples should check prices before making a commitment on their wedding music music. Couples should also be careful because sometimes wedding coordinators aren’t always honest about live musician prices.

Make light work of choosing your wedding music cake and follow the tips listed below. With this daunting prospect in mind, let us make your wedding cake planning less of a hassle.

Throw a fun cocktail party by making up some special concoctions of your own. It is easier than you think & will cost you a fraction of the price charged at cocktail bars.

The wedding guitarist is one of the most potent forms of music for matrimonial celebrations. This type of music is very flexible and can accommodate both classical and modern music that are popular among young couples. A great guitarist can even make your guests sing along with his tune, adding a livelier atmosphere to your event.

A bridal procession is the most important part of the ceremony. Many prefer the conventional bridal march. However, the practise of playing different type of music during it can make it a unique and memorable event. Besides, it is quite acceptable in the modern days.

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