Recording Judgment Costs

I used to work in the foreclosure department in one of the leading mortgage companies for 4 years. I better know a little bit about foreclosure, right? =) In light of the sub-prime crisis that the US is having right now, I thought I’d share some general information that I hope would be helpful to a homeowner, whether you’re in foreclosure or not. I’ve always wanted to give out some information, and here I am doing it.

How many times have you heard a debtor tell you that you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip? “Come on over,” they say in desperation. “Take everything I have, because I don’t have anything. You’re welcome to look for yourself.” They’re trying to signal to you that they are judgment -proof; that even if you are 100% successful in your litigation, your judgment will be worthless because he has no income or assets with which to satisfy your judgment.

The old-school thoughts on when the best time to do a bank levy were based on dates of the month. Rent is due on the first, home loan payments are due on the 15th, so the old rule was to levy right before the end of the month or right before the middle of a month.

3) Search for books on the internet for how to become a You will find a few veterans who have put together some self-starter books on the business of process serving. Look for books that cover how to start the business, what to say to attorneys, how to serve once you receive work, and what to do once you have completed a job. These are the types of books you can carry around with you in the field.

The collectors are literally banking on the fact that the majority of consumers do not respond. Default judgments are goldmines for creditors as it means they do not have to prove you owe the money, how much you owe and most importantly the agent for the credit card company or other creditor does not have to come to court.

You have some number of days before the new owner takes full possession of the house. After that date, they have legal power to evict you from the house.

If you are, or think you might be, being abused, Womens Law offers comprehensive information for each state on how to protect yourself, and obtain a restraining order.

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