Plan Your Wedding Music

Everyone wants their wedding reception to be very special and memorable. And one thing for certain is that hiring a live wedding cover band is a sure way to make that day a day to remember fondly. You merely have one single chance at an exceptional wedding event, so it’s vital that you spend some time and do it thoughtfully. When you are considering hiring a wedding band there are many very important issues to look at.

Live music or pipe in music should be played while guests arrive. The purpose is to relax the atmosphere and make it cosy for the guests. For this purpose slow, smooth instrumental music like cool smooth jazz can be selected. Once as the guests arrive, one or two solo’s should be performed. Songs like “I will always love you” and Baccarach songs like “The look of love” or “This Guy/Girl’s in love with You” might be a good choice.

The reception seems to becoming more and more important to the wedding day. This is the area in which most of the time will be spent and much of the cost.

Here are some instances about the String quartet nyc mishaps that may mar your wedding party and make it a farce. Having an idea of it will help you to take precautions so as to avoid such events from taking place.

A music artist has the right to educate the couple what music is appropriate for a wedding. The music suggestions they hand have to be reviewed and fit to the appropriate wedding theme. Wedding musicians are parts of the cast to make a dream wedding come true. Well, the couple has their taste of music and from there pick what fits and perform with a touch of artistry only true-bloodied musicians can do.

Another great idea for a cake is to not have a cake at all but instead have a cupcake cake. Cupcakes are placed on cupcake tiers and flowers can be placed around the cupcakes. Cupcakes are much cheaper than an actual cake and because they are single serving, the cupcakes seem to be disappear much faster than the normal cake found at a wedding.

The cake is also important but can be expensive and is often not eaten. Cakes are not as cookie cutter as they used to be and don’t even have to be cakes anymore! One way to get away with the look but not the cost of a tiered cake is to ice Styrofoam cake rounds to appear like the cake you want but serve a sheet cake. The cake decorator will charge a lot less to just ice the rounds than to make and ice an actual cake.

At Reception, choose a great song to walk in on when announced to the guests. Married couple must choose their first dance song which can be slow and romantic or wild and crazy. This is their “special” song. Live DJ’d music is a plus especially if the DJ has good talking skills. This can keep the reception exciting and guests will have a great time, a time remembered for years to come. A nice touch is a song dedicated to the families of the Bride and Groom by the Bride and Groom.