New Updates To Photo, Video Apps For Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch

Apple has named Instagram its 2011 iPhone App of the Year, as part of its App Store Rewind 2011 list, which was released on Thursday. Meanwhile, Snapseed was named the 2011 iPad App of the Year.

Once you have added the place to the Foursquare database, you should be able to search for it on the Location screen in instadp and pick it to label your photo with the area you have created.

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When you begin the job search, take a moment to look at the social profiles you keep and view them as a complete stranger would. What sort of impression do you think somebody would get on seeing this side of you for the first time? Do you have embarrassing photos visible to the public? Are status updates rife with swear words? Worse yet, can a potential employer see or prove that you have used social media to insult a previous boss? One can understand the need to cut up once in a while, but if somebody interested in hiring you sees certain things on your profile that make them uncomfortable it could cost you a good job.

If you simply MUST post those pics of your friends at the bar last night, it may help to have a separate professional page and network. This way, you can post that embarrassing picture without getting you or your friends “in trouble” with their jobs and you will not be hurting your search. When job seekers look at your pages, they want to see your personality shine through. Re-posting your favorite celebrity’s witty tweets are ok, as well as posting wit of your own, just don’t over do it. You want to steer clear of that celeb or tweeter that always posts offensive comments as it is not professional behavior.

Our children are growing up in a time where active duty is common. The rigors of proudly serving the country are no longer kept silent including the challenges and associated hardships. Media access allows our children exposure and provides insight and knowledge about how discord and war can ravage a country. The benefits of being an American have perhaps never been more admirable. In addition, enhanced communication and connection with the world at large beckons our future leaders to think in more expansive ways perhaps at younger ages; in a sense technology has broadened the world in which our children live; it requires their mindfulness, understanding and solution oriented thinking. Their world is now a much bigger place.

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One last piece of advice is to photo document your journey. Take pictures of your journey to see how far you come and then use those pics to inspire another sister. Tumblr and Instagram are great sites to use.

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