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Many chores are carried and left for the spring, especially those involving cleaning. During the years, I have most of these cleaning chores left to be done during fall. For the people who are having family over for thanksgiving or any of those winder holiday, the autumn season is a great time to do cleaning chores. Thus it is going to ensure you, having a cleaner house and will make all the holiday seasons less nerve-racking!

Take an empty laundry basket with you as you go from room to room. This way, you can pick up things that do not belong in that room. When you are completely done with your chores, you can put everything from the basket in its correct place around the house. You should also bring a large trash bag with you so that you don’t have to keep going back and forth to the trashcan.

And while one realtor is helping you sell, another can help you with your purchase of your next home. So who said you can’t start looking? You don’t think that the person who’s selling the house you want to buy isn’t dealing with the same challenges as you? They want to sell their home as well! And just like you – they are probably open to any number of concessions that will enable you to lock in the sale in lieu of you selling your home first. A realor can help with that and a lot more.

Instead of accumulating material possessions why not start experiencing life instead. After all at the end of our life it will be people we are close to and experiences we have had that will be most precious to us.

In your search for the next Hermes, you will surely encounter the fakes. They are out there. Whether their manufacturers are blatant and copy famous existing scarf designs or they just stamp out junk, I am stunned at the proliferation of pieces of material these companies are calling scarves. I wouldn’t even want to use any of them for domestic cleaners rags. Really! The truth is, plan to see very low quality silk, colors, designs and processes during this endeavor.

Any club type store membership such as WalMart, Sam’s or Costco are good places to buy in bulk your supplies for less. Most of your clients will expect you to bring your own supplies and have your own tools. I recommend that you invest in a small portable vacuum as some clients vacuums will not be what you need to do a good job. If they have central vac its usually best to use that.

Some customers have certain products that they like used in their homes. You should ask at the estimate and note it on the schedule. Also any preferences, I write on the check list that I leave with them for the initial first clean. With each visit I add my comments as to what was done that week. For the customers knowledge but also so I remember what was done.

Purchase a clothes hamper – Nothing makes me more irate than seeing my wives clothers laying all over the bedroom floor. A hamper is essential for keep your bedroom neat and clutter free. Plus, it makes for easy transport of clothes, to the laundry room. It seems like a simple idea, but I see this reoccurring problem, in all our friends houses.

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