Dog Tricks – Biscuit On The Paw

Do you really need to a dog trainer? You can do a lot of dog training at home yourself. Most puppies learn quickly if you are consistent about what you teach them. You can usually teach them housetraining and some basic manners in a few weeks.

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If he attempts to pull forward, gently pull back on the lead. After the dog has come back to you, or has stopped pulling, allow him to start walking again. Every time he pulls forward, you need to gently, but firmly pull on the opposite direction. What this would do, is to teach your dog that as soon as he continues pulling, he’s going nowhere.

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If your Labrador is left without exercising, she’s going to get overweight and have all of the health conditions associated with it. If she actually is not mentally stimulated, she will have behavioral problems turn out to be tough to control.

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