Valve: Let Fans Fund Game Development

There is plenty of free software and resources out there that will enable you to quickly make your own video game. All you need is a plan and some persistence. Here is the plan.

Seriously. The only times I get to cry are at football games, and action-movies, and this is usually only permitted at football games. This may be a social-construct, but it plays an important role in mens’ lives. We are expected to be the protector, the hunter, and the warrior; this extends deeply within our personalities. TIP: Watch a manly-movie with your guy. I suggest Rudy, Hoosiers, or Fight Club.

As soon as the player registers with the site online, he/she can start playing the game in flash mode which makes easier for him to play the instead of downloading any other software.

Make a list of all the game development costs companies within travel distance from your home or in a geographical area to which you would not mind moving. Find out the names of all the companies that develop games for Nintendo. Add their websites to your list of favorites and check them out every few days for the latest job postings. Games are being developed all the time.

Most people would define a career as more than a job. Above and beyond a job, a career is a long-term pattern of work, usually across multiple jobs. A career implies professional development to build skill over a period of time, where one moves from novice to expert within a particular field. And lastly, I would argue that a career must be consciously chosen; even if others exert influence over you, you must still ultimately choose to become a doctor or a lawyer or an accountant. If you didn’t make a conscious choice at some point, I would then say you have a job but not a career.

The week will focus on the Revolution War, the War of 1812, and the settlement of lands around the Ohio River. It will also feature game developments re-enactors and musical entertainment.

Begin working on your network of contacts. Your network can be made up of virtually anyone who knows anything about video games. Obviously, the more successful your contacts are, the better; but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the little guys. You never know who can pull what strings and be able help you the most.

The game then ends under two different conditions. When the highest value victory card has been exhausted or when three of the other stacks have been depleted. Players then count up their victory cards to decide the winner.

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