Music For Events – How To Pick The Right Musicians!

Grooveshark is a new music service that have access to millions of songs, without feeling guilty. If you want to get music from peer-to-peer networks, Grooveshark might help.

At the top of your background properties box are your options for the banner size and shape. In this part, you can change the width and height to what you want. This will be the soundcloud banners size of your banner. Then you can change the banner shape to what you want by clicking the box and selecting a shape.

Well, lets just say that the FIRST stage I created took me 2 minutes and the stage that took me the longest was 10 minutes. Once you create one stage, it is very easy to create as many as you want and quickly.

Tablet and Phone Compatibility: This is a huge benefit for those people who are really passionate about their work in the music industry. Since, soundcloud is available on phones and tablets; you can share, download your work as you create it. Instant sharing certainly is an important reason for any musician to be on

Just like other social platforms, the best thing about Twitter is that you can integrate it with other sites by using widgets to link your tweets to your blog or your main site. Like Facebook social plugin, you can make use of Twitter social plugin too. You can make use of the “Share This” button for pulling people’s tweets in your website where they are tweeting about you. Don’t forget to include the “Follow Me” button (the one with the Twitter icon) on your widgets because that’s how you get followers.

Join some competition. Doesn’t matter its online or real events. We have a lot of online DJ comepetition such as 10 min mix in youtube and etc. So, just join. Get some exposure. Its not about winning, its about the passion and exposure. So, at least there a few people will watch your videos and who knows, that they’ll like you and the person that watch is a club promoter or organizer etc? See..easy right? You just need a hardwork and patient.

People who play instruments may find the next step easy. However, those who have little or no experience may start by learning from the pros. It is impossible to learn on your own. You need to have some tutorial from seasoned beat makers. Keep in mind that you don’t become a pro right away even with the Beat Maker Pro or Apple Logic Studio. It’s not the software that will make your music-it’s you!

Promo CDs and downloads of your mix sets. This is a “last but not least” item as it should be obvious, but is always worth remembering. Consistently release new promo mixes (either monthly or to promote future gigs). If you like to give out physical CDs, place a business card in the paper sleeve. But don’t forget to have digital versions available for free download as many folks don’t like hassling with CDs anymore.

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