Back Pain Relief Tips

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Client question: Why would someone need this therapy? Most people know they have unproductive muscle tension, and now you’ve let them know there is such a thing as bone-held tension. The client has probably never associated the idea of tension with their bones and just planting that seed is enough.

HELPED ME TREMENDOUSLY!!! My friend heard Dr. Troy on the radio and known as me and made me promise I would go go to him at his office. I had been suffering from migraines for 16 years. I was taking 16 to 20 pills a day and had been to several various doctors. The final outcomes had been, “you will need to live with them forever.” I was a living zombie, having migraines several times a week. It was affecting each part of my life. I ended up inside the emergency room and was told that I was messing up my liver. I was a mess!! Dr. Troy and the Absolute Life Team at Absolute Life Chiropractic have helped me tremendously! I no longer take ANY medication. I’ve only had 4 migraines inside the last 8 months! Thanks to Dr. Troy, I NOW have LIFE!!

back pain causes tender trigger points and trigger points can be treated with manual therapy techniques. Unbeknown to many, a good chiropractor can offer much more than just a spinal adjustment. Sometimes a chiropractic adjustment is not the therapy you need. Solving chronic pain is almost always a matter of good clinical detective work. With all of the ‘crumbs’ in place, the doctor and patient can follow the clues to locate the cause of the pain in your back. It makes the remedy much easier.

When you have pain in your back – it is very often caused by a misaligned vertebrae (one of the 24 moveable back bones which surround and protect your spinal cord). When the vertebrae get misaligned, they can pinch and irritate the delicate surrounding nerves in the back. This is EXACTLY the same type of thing that happens with the stone in your shoe. You have a hard object pressing up against a soft object, thus causing distress.

If you weren’t already aware, chiropractic care relies on the use of manual therapy. With this type of therapy, surgical tools and instruments are not used. In fact, many practicing chiropractors rarely suggest surgery, unless in extreme cases they cannot treat. Manual therapy involves hand-on treatment. The hands are literally used to massage and thrust joints and bones back into place.

As far as stretching goes, there are plenty of basic and fad stretches you can do out there, but the most effective method I’ve found is centuries old! This method is called yoga. In my opinion, it is the best lower back exercise out there! Put simply, the series of poses that yoga consists of, safely stretch not only the lower back and other the rest of your muscles, but it also stretches your ligaments and tendons too. New students have reported increases in flexibility of more than 35% in as little as eight weeks!

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